Class Teleporter

  extended by gizmoball.gameworld.GameObject
      extended by gizmoball.gameworld.Gizmo
          extended by gizmoball.gameworld.gameobjects.BallShooter
              extended by gizmoball.gameworld.gameobjects.Teleporter
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class Teleporter
extends BallShooter

A Teleporter takes balls in and shoots them out elsewhere.

An AbsorbBallTrigger must be associated with every Teleporter.

Specification Fields

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class gizmoball.gameworld.Gizmo
orientation, totalTranslation
Constructor Summary
Teleporter(Vect3 corner1, Vect3 corner2, Vect3 shootLoc, Vect3 shootVel)
          Sets up all the parameters of a Teleporter
Method Summary
 GraphicsProperties getGraphicsProperties()
          Returns an object that holds the information necessary for drawing this object.
 PhysicsModel getPhysicsModel()
          Returns the physical model of this gizmo.
 java.lang.String getXMLString(java.lang.String name)
          returns the XML string that would be used to save this game object
Methods inherited from class gizmoball.gameworld.gameobjects.BallShooter
addBall, doActivate, doUpdate, getBallPlacementDiff, getDefaultTriggers, getDelay, getFirstBallLocation, getShootSpeed, getShootTranslate, rotateAboutAxis, translateBy
Methods inherited from class gizmoball.gameworld.Gizmo
activate, copy, getBoundingBox, getCoeffReflectionString, getColorString, getCommonAttributesString, getOrientationDoubleString, getOrientationString, getReflectionCoeff, getTextureString, getTranslationString, getXMLDelay, getXMLDelayString, setCoefficientOfReflection, setCommonAttributes, setDelay, update
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public Teleporter(Vect3 corner1,
                  Vect3 corner2,
                  Vect3 shootLoc,
                  Vect3 shootVel)
Sets up all the parameters of a Teleporter

corner1 - one of the corners of the Teleporter
corner2 - the opposite corner of the Teleporter
shootLoc - the position where the balls will be shot from
shootVel - when a ball is shot out, it will have this velocity
Method Detail


public GraphicsProperties getGraphicsProperties()
Description copied from class: GameObject
Returns an object that holds the information necessary for drawing this object. Making changes to this object changes the underlying object, so those changes will be reflected in the drawer.

Specified by:
getGraphicsProperties in class GameObject
all the information needed to draw this object.


public PhysicsModel getPhysicsModel()
Description copied from class: Gizmo
Returns the physical model of this gizmo. The model stores the structure, as well as velocity, rotation, and rotation of this gizmo.

Specified by:
getPhysicsModel in class Gizmo


public java.lang.String getXMLString(java.lang.String name)
Description copied from class: GameObject
returns the XML string that would be used to save this game object

Specified by:
getXMLString in class GameObject
String s where s is sufficient to be directly inserted into an XML file where game world information is being saved