Package gizmoball.gameworld.gameobjects

Class Summary
Absorber A Gizmo that is the absorber at the bottom of the screen, that collects balls and then shoots them up.
Ball This is the base interface for all balls in the game world.
BallShooter An abstract class that has all the functionality for collecting and shooting out balls.
BeamBall A ball that represents a beam.
BeamGun A Gun that shoots BeamBalls
CircleBumperGizmo A bumper that is a right cylinder.
CubeBumperGizmo A CubeBumperGizmo is simply an immobile cube
DetectorPlane A DetectorPlane detects when a ball passes through a plane.
DonutBumperGizmo A bumper that is a torus.
EnemyShip An EnemyShip represents a ship with a constant velocity that shoots automatically in Multiplayer Space Invaders.
EnemyShot This is an implementation of the Ball interface to be used as shots in Multiplayer Space Invaders.
Flipper A flipper.
GhostBallGizmo This gizmo is responsible for reading monkey ball positions from a set of sockets, and having them displayed.
Gun Gun is an abstract class that represents something that will shoot out things (ie on a ship, it will shoot out balls for firing).
HomingMissile A ball that tracks towards the EnemyShips in the WorldState
HomingMissileLauncher A Gun that shoots BeamBalls
JumpingPaddle A paddle that can jump in the y-direction.
LimitedAbsorber A LimitedAbsorber is an Absorber that runs only when a given counter is positive.
LimitedTeleporter A LimitedTeleporter is an Teleporter that runs only when a given counter is positive.
MonkeyBallGizmo A MonkeyBallGizmo applies camera and gravitational effects to simulate rotation of the board in Monkey Ball.
Paddle A Paddle is a slice of a circular prism that is moved in one linear dimension.
PeriodicTriggerGizmo A PeriodicTriggerGizmo triggers each of the triggers in its list every period
RectangleBumperGizmo A RectangleBumperGizmo is a rectangle.
ShipGizmo A ShipGizmo represents the player's ship in Multiplayer Space Invaders.
SimpleBall This is a basic implementation of the Ball interface.
SimpleBallGun A gun that shoots SimpleBalls, with a specified speed.
SphereBumperGizmo A bumper that is a sphere.
Teleporter A Teleporter takes balls in and shoots them out elsewhere.
ToggleGizmo A ToggleGizmo adds two internal states to an underlying Gizmo.
TriangleBumperGizmo A bumper that is a triangular prism.
Walls A class for the boundary walls around the game.