Package gizmoball.gameworld.triggers

Class Summary
AbsorbBallTrigger A trigger that makes the ball get absorbed by the specified BallShooter (which does not necessarily have to be one of the objects in the collision).
ActivateGizmoTrigger This trigger activates a specified Gizmo.
ActivateMissionTrigger An ActivateMissionTrigger activates a MissionTrigger object when triggered.
AnnihilateBothTrigger A trigger for when a bullet (a ball) hits something else.
BasicTrigger A class that implements basic versions of priority() and getAssociatedGizmos(), to make it easier to subclass.
BreakGizmoTrigger A trigger that slowly breaks a gizmo.
CounterTrigger A CounterTrigger changes a Counter object by some amount each time the GameObject is activated.
GroupTrigger A GroupTrigger runs an underlying trigger only when each of a set of ToggleGizmos is on.
MissionTrigger A MissionTrigger runs an underlying trigger if activated and resets the activating trigger when done
NoCollisionTrigger A trigger that reverses the effects of any collision on a ball.
SetColorTrigger A trigger that makes the other object the same color as the trigger object.
SimpleCollisionTrigger A Trigger to process basic, realistic physics collisions.
ToggleColorTrigger A Trigger that toggles the color of a ToggleGizmo depending on its state.
ToggleTrigger This Trigger toggles the given ToggleGizmo.