Package gizmoball.worldmodels

Class Summary
BasicPrimitivesCollection An implementation of PrimitivesCollection more suitable for (anonymous) subclassing.
BlankWorldBuilder This creates a new empty world equipped only with the default Walls and the default camera settings.
BreakoutBuilder This implements a level of the game of Breakout.
DemoBuilder This implements a simple demo of a Rube Goldberg device.
MonkeyBallBuilder This allows the user to choose between levels of MonkeyBall.
PinballBuilder This implements a basic level of Pinball.
PongBuilder This implements the classic game of Pong.
SlimeVolleyballBuilder This implements the game of Slime Volleyball.
SpaceInvaders This implements a networked version of Space Invaders.
SynchronizedSocket A socket that abstracts away some of the threading and synchronization.
WorldModelBuilder A WorldModelBuilder builds a WorldModel for use in the game.